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Welcome to the Interactive Tool

This tool has been developed to help urban designers analyse the resiliency of their sustainability solutions - the things they are doing today in the name of sustainability, such as incorporating greywater recycling into a housing development or cycle paths across a city. The Tool has been developed using four UK-based scenarios and is thus applicable to sustainability solutions being implemented in the UK. However, the user can add alternative scenarios or additional aspects to the existing scenarios and in this way can tailor the tool to any context. A step-by-step guide to using this Tool (Designing Resilient Cities: a Guide to Good Practice) can be purchased from BRE and is available on Amazon.

Our Five Step Method

Step 1

Identify a sustainability solution and its intended benefit (solution–benefit pair)

Step 2

Identify the necessary conditions

Step 3

Determine the performance of the necessary conditions in the future

Step 4

Determine the resilience of the sustainability solution-benefit pair to future change

Step 5 - Option A

Implement the solution

Step 5 - Option B

Adapt the solution
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Step 5 - Option C

Consider using an alternative solution (return to STEP 1)